2021 Web Series

For 2021, in place of our annual WIGA conference, we will be hosting a Web Series of virtual events including presentations, informational videos, panel discussions, question periods, etc.  Stay tuned and watch for our newsletters.

Up Next : March 12, 2021 @ 12pm PT
Dr. Tom Lowery PhD
“BC Coastal Grape Production and the Threat of Invasive Pests”

Graduate of the University of Guelph (BSc, MSc.) and UBC (PhD), Dr. Tom Lowery has nearly 25 years of research experience at the Summerland Research and Development Centre, AAFC, on sustainable grape pest management, including chemical and biological controls, leafhopper antifeedants, and the use of beneficial vineyard groundcover vegetation. He has also conducted research on the epidemiology and management of insect-borne plant diseases, including work with grapevine viruses and their vectors since 2011. Affiliate with CCOVI and an Associate Professor with UBC-Okanagan, Kelowna. Has served for many years on a number of BC Wine Grape Council Research and Development committees, and produced the insect and mite chapter of the BC Production Guide for Grapes and accompanying photo guides for grapevine pests and for beneficial insects.

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