Grape growing etc. books

The WIGA library of books etc. have been transferred to the Victoria Public Library at Brentwood Bay, B.C.

Three recommended books

1. Management Guide for Grapes: For Commercial Growers: Management Guide Ordering
British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture and Food, and Association of British Columbia Grape Growers.
– An excellent basic source of grape growing information. Technical in places for the new grower.

2. From Vines to Wines: The complete guide to growing grapes and making your own wine (3rd ed.).
Jeff Cox, Storey Books, ISBN 1-58017-105-2
– An excellent introduction to grape growing and wine making. Oriented to eastern U.S.

3. The Grape Grower: A guide to organic viticulture
Lon Rombough, Chelsea Green Publishing, ISBN 1-890132-82-9
– All aspects of grape growing by a well-respected grower with many years of research and experience. There is an organic or near-organic emphasis, but non-organic methods are included. Rombough specializes in table grapes, but most of the book content is applicable to wine grapes.

B. Library

1. Viticulture and the Environment – Author: John Gladstones; Last printing 1999
Studies the effects of the environment on grape growth and wine qualities with emphasis on present and future areas for growing wine grapes in Australia.

2. Icewine – Author: John Schreiner; Published 2001
The first all encompassing book on ice wines. An ultimate reference, history, geneology, lore, legend and comparisons complete with pictures of bottle labels. A wide-ranging story of wines true nectar.

John is a B.C. author residing in North Vancouver.  Other books by John available although not yet in our library:

3. The World of Canadian Wine
4. The Wineries of British Columbia
5. The British Columbia Wine Companion
6. Chardonnay and Friends
7. Guide to Wine Grapes

A handy A-Z reference to grape varieties and the wines they produce. Includes how varieties vary, blending, phylloxera, rootstocks, pests, diseases, top 20 most planted and definitions of technical terms. This one is packed with lots of goodies.

Author: Janic Robinson; Published 1996


1. Sunlight Into Wine
A handbook for wine grape canopy management. Written under the auspices of Agriculture and Fisheries, New Zealand.
Includes: – improving Canopy microclimates; trellising systems; construction of trellising systems; clear diagrams and colour photos

2. Grapevine Phylloxera Management
Proceedings of January 2001 International Symposium organized by Agriculture Victoria, Australia

3. Estate Planning for B.C. Farmers; 1996 edition

4. Making Better Wines
A comprehensive manual for home winemaking at an intermediate level. Compiled by Ted Underhill

5. Small Winery Investment and Operating Costs (generally applicable to Van. Island area)
Author(s): Le Ann A. Fickle, Raymond J. Folwell, Trent Ball, and Carter Clary
“The objective of this study is to develop an accurate depiction of current investment costs of constructing, owning, and operating a winery in the state of Washington. Potential investors and lenders will find this study useful in evaluating the expected profitability, cash flows, and potential risk associated with investing in a winery.”
Publisher: WSU Extension Bulletins; Published: December 2005. 48 pages.


1. Journal of Enology and Viticulture
17 scientific journals, random issues ranging from 1993 –2000

2. American Society for Enology and Viticulture, 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting
Cold hardiness; sensory perception; wine analysis; vineyard mechanization; wine flavors; plant materials; wine biotechnology; vine balance; wine aging; pest management.

3. American Society for Enology and Viticulture 1999-2000 membership directory

Title: Financial Planning Information for Establishing a Vinifera Wine Grape Planting – Okanagan Region (June 96 Edition)

Author: George Geldart, P.Ag. Farm Management Specialist, Tree Fruits/Grapes/Special Crops

John Vielvoye, P.Ag, Provincial Grape Industry Specialist; BC Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries; Price: $4.00


1. Wine Making Author: Cooke; Price: $5.00

2.  2001 Pest Management Guide For Wine Grapes – Revised April 2001 Author: Oregon State University; Price: $4.00

3. Starting A Vinifera Vineyard on South Vancouver Island Author: John Brickett; Price: $2.00

4. Duncan Project Summary Report Author: BC Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries; Price: $4.00

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